Giorgio Barchiesi

Giorgio Barchiesi

Engineering and designing





Fond of electronics from an early age, with several accomplishments as a hobbyist, in the years of university I discovered the world of information technology and industry automation.

Although the university training includes a much broader spectrum of subjects, as required by the former degree courses in Engineering, these two disciplines became, from that moment on, the focus of my interests and my activities.

Born in 1958, married and father of two children, I lead a healthy and active life, and keep an unchanged enthusiasm and determination.


2015 - today


Freelance professional, accredited engineer.

My activity is mainly concerned with software systems, in the field of industry, but also in the services sector.

I encompass the whole software lifecycle: requirement analysis, architecture, implementation, installation, and support. For industry, I also take care of configuring and installing the necessary hardware.

Technologies: C#, VB, SQL-Server, Oracle-DB, C++, development environments and languages for web, Android and iOS.

2010 - 2014

BIC di Trento

Shareholder of Pensare I.T. Srl, operating as Technical Director.

I mainly took care of the technical activities, in the various fields the company was involved in: Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Mobile app, IT consultancies.

Technologies: BonitaSoft, BIRT, PostgreSQL, MySQL, C++, QT, development environments and languages for web, Android and iOS.

2000 - 2010

Ufficio in Sodalia

Telecom Italia SpA, IT department

Ten important years: I was involved in various IT projects, including:

  • Collection of TLC network performance data
  • Detection of mobile network troubles and alarms
  • Accounting of ADSL usage, nation-wide

This kind of systems were complex and critical, and managed a huge amount of data.

Each of them interfaced several other systems, and were developed using leading-edge technologies.

1985 - 2000

PG 306

Olivetti SpA - Office Products

Fifteen fantastic years: my tasks included the development of office products, defining firmware & software architectures and the related develoment methodologies, teaching internal courses on the subject, supporting ISO 9000 certification, managing projects, including some international collaborations.

I have had a chance to travel to the United States, Japan, and several european countries.

Education & training


1983: Degree in Electronic Engeneering, cum laude, at the University of Bologna. State examination for authorization to practice.

From 1985 until today, training courses: General principles of economics and marketing, project management, total quality management, ISO 9000, telephone networks, network protocols, programming languages, IT infrastructure components, software methodologies, Business Process Managament, Business Intelligence, English.



Languages: English (Cambridge Advanced English certificate, grade A), pretty good French, some German.

Spare time: Family, some good books, good music, and... mountain, mountain, mountain.

Giorgio Barchiesi
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