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The etc-cms platform



The CMS (Content Management System), which is accessible only to the webmaster, allows you to enter, edit and delete content at will, easily and quickly.

Is is based on a mainly hierarchical data model, with virtually unlimited depth of content.

It is easily extensible, to represent new types of data as you like.


The platform allows a quick and easy creation of web sites with multimedia, multi-lingual, and multi-channel content.

It only requires a basic level hosting, and runs fast and smooth.

You can add new features to the basic version, by using specific plug-ins, to implement a variety of applications.

See the examples below.


The etc-cms platform also includes a code-base for native mobile apps, fully integrated with the web site, ensuring maximum responsiveness and graphic quality.

The app allows highly interactive operations, thanks to the embedded smartphone devices, such as touch screen, accelerometer, compass, and camera.

It supports off-line use. It includes augmented reality.

Example: tours


The trek plug-in allows to represent rich and complex content, such as maps, info sheets, elevation charts, weather forecasts, photo galleries, and includes special features such as augmented reality and emergency call.

It implements a selective and optimized content download, for off-line use.

Examples: trekking-etc and Nizioleti.

Example: e-learning


The learn plug-in supports web-based training, allowing the delivery of interactive courses and quizzes, in a multimedia and multilingual way.

It offers an extended user management, for registration to classes, progress monitoring, and result verification.

Example: monitoring

Celle climatiche

The cell plug-in allows for monitoring of environments and plants.

It can acquire and display a variety of parameters and measures.

It highlights any warning or alarm situations.

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