Giorgio Barchiesi

Giorgio Barchiesi

Engineering and designing



About me


I am a freelance professional. As an accredited engineer, my business is the design, implementation, installation and support of software systems.

I leverage decades of experience gained in the field, also applied to the hardware, I pursue a continuous update on new technological breakthroughs in the industry, I pay the utmost attention to customer satisfaction.

I consider myself fortunate, because I can combine passion and work.

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For some relevant industries of the mechanical and metallurgical industry, I deal with supervision and traceability systems.

This means recording all the assembly and testing operations along assembly lines, concerning semi-finished products, and products, throughout the production process, and uniquely tracing all the involved parts.



In various medium-large-sized buildings in the municipality of Bolzano, which have undergone major energy requalification interventions, I am implementing systems for monitoring climate and energy parameters.

The client obtains important information on energy savings, and ensures that the homes are healthy and comfortable. The system also offers tele-reading of consumption.

Service sector


Mainly in the areas of tourism, trade and crafts, I implement websites, web applications and mobile apps.

They are based on a versatile and efficient infrastructure, etc-cms, which allows for multimedia, multilingual, multi-channel operation.

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Giorgio Barchiesi
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